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Hello Danny,Well done! You are the best,Ok. You are now our man in China who we trust and i will ask the pro from you first.

—— Tomi

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Company News
china latest news about Our products for clients(Big event)

Our products for clients(Big event)

[2014-08-08 11:36:12]
WE TAKE OVER MARTIN PLACE WITH THE AWM! Friday 22 June 2012 Grey Canberra partnered with our group experiential company,***i, to highlight the hardships of military nurses for the latest exhibition at The Australian War Memorial in Canberra. 330,000 Australian soldiers served in the First World War ... Read More
china latest news about 美国陆军数字迷彩通用战斗服 Army Combat Uniform(ACU)

美国陆军数字迷彩通用战斗服 Army Combat Uniform(ACU)

[2014-05-12 09:53:04]
美国陆军数字迷彩通用战斗服 Army Combat Uniform(ACU) 当初美军由于成本问题而放弃双面作战服计划之后,便希望寻找一种全地形迷彩适应全世界各种作战场合。而竞标者便是ACU和Multicam。在和Multicam迷彩竞标的时候,ACU的表现不如前者,但是由于Multicam迷彩的专利转让等问题,美国陆军最后选择了ACU。它在城市环境中的伪装效果还算不错,而且数码色块在对夜视仪(普通迷彩的色块边缘和黑色色块都容易被夜视器材捕捉)以及较近的距离上(150m左右)伪装效果要优于普通迷彩,但是到了沙漠和丛林地区伪装效果都不尽人意(美国士兵曾愤怒地将其称之为“办公室迷彩”,因为“在一英... Read More
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